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All channels of communication with customers in one application

Wide functionality and individual improvements of the chat platform for your business to increase sales and effective communication with customers

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A wide range of possibilities within one platform SMART CONNECT

Processes requests from various sources, including marketing mailings, which allows you to increase conversion, increase loyalty and fix errors

Platform advantages

Wide functionality and individual improvements of the chat platform for your business

Real omnichannel

Smart Connect allows you to combine all customer requests into a single history. This helps the operator understand the context of communication across all channels and respond to the client in any of the communication channels

Control and security

The platform offers maximum protection of corporate messenger and social network passwords from transmission to operators and third parties.

All dialogues with clients are stored on the platform, not on the operators' phones, so your communication with clients is protected from leaks and fraud

Unique improvements

Any company has its own individual processes and favorite services. Smart Connect allows you to make any improvements to the customer

Dialog from mailings

Customers can not only follow links and call the number from the mailing list, but also ask questions in the response message, which reduces the number of steps to the target action and increases conversion

Mailing history

The operator sees the history of the mailing list to which the client reacted. This allows you to accurately answer the question asked, without the need to clarify the context of the appeal, which increases customer loyalty.

Chat bots for communication channels

Special chat bots allow you to increase the number of processed applications, take on all template questions in order to reduce the load on operators and allow them to focus on working with target customers

>10 mln

dialogues through the platform

up to 47%*

target dialogs from mailing responses

up to 30%

conversion from mailing to dialogue

* Research Sms Traffic in 2022-2023 for companies with a total traffic of more than 50 million. sent messages per quarter
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Choosing a tariff plan for any contact center


3 User licenses

To test the operation of the platform on a short case with a limited list of users

What is included


10 User licenses

Suitable for small contact centers, as well as those who do not have enough Start tariff

What is included


>50 User licenses

Flexible tariff to solve the tasks of a contact center of any scale

What is included
* The cost of a software license is contractual. To clarify, leave a request or contact our manager

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Additional advantages

Explore all the possibilities of the platform

Data protection

Direct contracts with messengers and social networks protect data from being transferred to third parties

Saas and In-house solutions

The ability to use the cloud version of the product, as well as placement on the customer's server


Open API allows you to integrate with your favorite services


A large selection of settings for routing requests by operators and departments - no request will be left unattended


Flexible settings of rights, roles and accesses allow you to provide employees with only the capabilities they need

Server location

Placement and storage of data without time restrictions, on the territory of the Russian Federation

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